Divine Feminine Love Mala


White Moonstone (Crown Chakra) – White Moonstone creates an inner peace and balances emotions, provides nurturing love, opens up heart center allowing growth and development of unconditional love.

Peach Moonstone (Sacral Chakra) – Peach Moonstone creates a sense self worth, love and protection, self trust and as well as trust of others, and soothes feelings of anxieties.

Garnet (Root & Heart Chakras) – The Garnet stone is that of healing, enhances the laws of attraction, deepens love, and builds courage to overcome challenges.

Peach Quartz (Sacral Chakra) – Peach Quartz instills peace, forgiveness and compassion.

108 Gemstone Beads, Gold Heart Charm & Peach Quartz Pendant

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