Leo Lava Stone Bracelet

Are you looking for any of these solutions:

  •  clear aura
  •  courage
  •  eliminate negative energy
  •  grounding
  •  healing
  •  inner peace
  •  meditation
  •  mental focus
  •  strength


If you answered yes to any of the above, then this bracelet is for you! The Leo Lava Stone Om Bracelet is made with volcanic Lava Stone, Clear Quartz, Gold Plated Accents and a Gold Plated Lion Charm.

Lava Stone – (Root Chakra) – Lava stone comes from volcanic activity of the Earth and possesses its raw, grounding energy. In addition, Lava stone provides inner peace, courage, and strength to the wearer.

Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra) – Clear quartz is a powerful general purpose all-around healing gemstone. It protects and clears negative energy, cleanses the aura, and has excellent healing properties. It can also be used as an aid in meditation and to improve mental focus.

Product Description

Stretchy Bracelet

All Mythical Lotus’ Healing Jewelry pieces are made with the finest quality healing gemstone beads sourced from recognized Gemstone Fairs in the United States. Just like everyone is different in their own way, so too are gemstones. No two stones are the same in terms of size, color, and clarity. Your jewelry piece is created one at a time with the utmost care and intention, then cleansed and activated with use of a singing bowl and incense before making its way to YOU! We do not hold jewelry in stock, they are created as they are needed, so if you see something you like, don’t wait, it may not be there when you come back.