Lotus Wrap Bracelet

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Are you need of:

  •  absorbing negativity
  •  blossoming in to your true self
  •  new beginnings
  •  protection
  •  reducing anxiety
  •  relieving stress
  •  strength
  •  unconditional love
  •  will power

If you answered yes to anything above, this wrap is for you! The Lotus Wrap Bracelet is made with high vibrational Morganite, Sardonyx, Howlite, Silver Accent Beads and a Silver Lotus Charm. It can be wrapped around a 7.5 inch wrist approximately 3 times.

Morganite (Heart Chakra) – Morganite is a high vibrational stone which carries the energy of Divine unconditional and nurturing love.

Sardonyx (Root Chakra) – Sardonyx absorbs negativity, is a stone of protection and strength, enhances willpower, self-confidence, and self control.

Howlite (Crown Chakra) – Howlite aids in restful sleep, is known to reduce anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, and its energy is very gentle and soothing.

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