The Angelic Whispers Mala


Blue Kyanite (Throat & Third Eye Chakras) This dark blue stone facilitates the creation of inner bridges, psychic ability, connecting with nature, past-life recall, telepathy, and empathy.

Prehnite (Heart Chakra) This light green stone relieves stress, energy resides within the heart chakra, helps ease symptoms from detox and addictions, and enables lucid dreaming, energy, and inner-peace.

Celestite (Throat Chakra) – revered for its high frequency and Divine energies, and is known as a powerful healing crystal. Celestite has been called a teacher for the New Age, as it will connect one with the Angelic realms, allowing for the free-flow of these higher frequencies.

108 Gemstone Beads, Silver Angel Charm & Angel Aura Quartz Pendant

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