The Maharani Bracelet


The Maharani Bracelet – Fit for a Queen!

This lovely combination of stones include Lapis Lazuli, Fresh Water Pearl and Golden Pyrite.

Lapis Lazuli (Throat & Third Eye Chakras) – Lapis Lazuli is known as the stone of royalty and has been around for over 6,000 years. Royal Kings and Queens in the Ancient Civilizations of India and Egypt were known to wear these magnificent stones. It can be a key to spiritual attainment. Lapis also protects against psychic attack, shielding negative energy and returning any negative vibrations to their source. Lapis Lazuli will enhance dream work and spiritual journeying. Lapis Lazuli activates the psychic centers at the Third Eye and balances the energies of the Throat Chakra. The Brow Chakra, also called the Third Eye, is the center of our perception and command.

Fresh Water Pearl (Sacral & Heart Chakras) – Fresh water pearls help balance body rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles, and to harmonize human beings with the natural world.

Golden Pyrite (Solar Plexus & Third Eye Chakras) symbol of abundance and prosperity, responsible for our sense of intuition, and promotes good physical health and emotional well-being.

7 inch Bracelet with Gold Accents


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