“Water of the Sea” Mala

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Are you in need of:

  •  absorbing negativity
  •  balance
  •  calming
  •  cleansing
  •  eliminating negative energy
  •  grounding
  •  attuning with lunar cycles
  •  purification
  •  truth

If you answered yes to anything above, then this Mala is for you!

Connect with your love for the ocean with the Water of the Sea Mala, carry the ocean with you all the time!

The Water of the Sea Mala is made with powerful gemstones and pearls from the ocean, and their healing properties and related chakras are listed below.

Smoky Quartz (Root Chakra) – Smoky Quartz assists in spiritual grounding and is one of the best crystals for absorbing and eliminating negative energies.

Blue Aquamarine (Throat Chakra) – Aquamarine is a calming and cleansing crystal. It inspires truth and trust in self and others. It really is a must have for truth seekers!

Fresh Water Pearl (Sacral & Heart Chakras) – Fresh water pearls help balance body rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles, and to harmonize human beings with the natural world.

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108 Gemstones and Pearls Hand-knotted with Sandy Brown Silk Cord, Silver Accents, and a Silver Mandala Charm


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