Mala Cleansing



How do you know when it's the right time to cleanse your mala?

Follow your intuition! If you notice that the energy in your mala seems off, then it's time for a cleansing. Most people opt to cleanse + charge their mala during the full or new moon every month.

What do you need to do to cleanse your mala?

You can use any type of incense, a bowl of salt, a quick dip in the ocean, a hole in the earth, light from the sun or moon or a singing bowl to cleanse your mala. 

What is the difference between Full Moon and New Moon cleanse?

A full moon brings an ending to something. So you can charge your mala with the intention that you want to do away with negative thoughts. A new moon is when we plant new seeds. So you can charge your mala with the intention that you'd like to successfully complete an online learning course.

What do you need to do after cleansing your mala?

It's time to charge your mala and set an intention, whether this be a personal mantra, a positive affirmation or your intent to manifest something into or out of your life.