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About Mythical Lotus

Want to know the secrets of crystal healing? Mythical Lotus was created to educate, inspire, empower, uplift, and support you through your spiritual journey.

Founded by Amanda A. Virasawmi in 2018, our online metaphysical store offers a wide variety of crystals and gemstones to carry with you, put on your altar or around your living/working space, healing adornments for the body, sacred healing and spiritual tools to amplify the energy in your ancient spiritual practices. To learn more about the Mythical Lotus and why we chose this name, find out here.

We carry a selection of raw, carved, and tumbled stones, healing crystal jewelry and body adornments, ritual candles, herbs and incense for clearing sacred spaces, beautifully decorated storage boxes, spiritual tools, and divination and tarot.

Our metaphysical healing tools are here to provide chakra alignment and support the Ancient Spiritual Practices of everyone. Whether you are just beginning or almost at the end of your spiritual journey, there is something here for you at Mythical Lotus. It could be a piece of wisdom, a piece of history, or a crystal that comes from somewhere specific on the planet. See what calls out to you and trust your intuition! This is how energy works. If you are drawn to something, then it has some meaning or purpose in your life and your soul is guiding you towards it! So take that leap of faith, and GO FOR IT! You will be so glad that you did.

Our intention is to spread knowledge and healing through the promotion of crystal healing for the sake of humanity. And so it IS! 🪄🕊️✨